Voronin: I Will be rooting for Spain, I like their football

Ex-player national team of Ukraine Andriy Voronin told who is sick of the world Cup 2018, as well as shared his opinion about the prospects of the Russian team.

“If Russia will come out of the group, I do not see that it be Portugal or Spain. Despite starting 5:0, no certainty in this, I have not. It will be very difficult to reach the quarterfinals. Although history knows many examples. The Greeks won the European championship in 2004, Denmark in 1992 gathered on vacation, they came on the Euro and all won. So we’ll see. Before the start of the tournament everyone was on Brazil, Argentina, and Germany. And yet they, pardon the expression, crap one’s pants…

If you meet Spain and Russia? I will be rooting for Spain. I just for this team for many years sick, I am very impressed with their football. Out of worry for Barcelona. The game with the Portuguese showed that the Spaniards in order. They neither of whom are repelled, and are trying to put pressure”, – quotes Voronin Sport-Express.

Earlier it was reported that Voronin has visited on the opening match of the 2018 world Cup in Moscow in the company of Drogba.

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