The Patriarch will lead a procession with a length of over 20 km in memory of the family of Nicholas II

Moscow. July 12. INTERFAX – IN the 100-year anniversary of the murder of the family of the last Russian Emperor, Patriarch Kirill will lead a night procession with a length of 21 kilometers from the Temple-on-Blood in Ekaterinburg to the monastery of the Royal Martyrs at Ganina Yama, the press Secretary of Patriarch, priest Alexander Volkov.

Thus the head of the Church will honor the memory of the Holy Royal family, executed by Bolsheviks on the night of 16 to 17 July 1918 in the Ipatiev house, the site of which was later erected the Temple on Blood. As we know from history, after the execution of the body of members of the Imperial family and their entourage was taken in the hole Ganina Yama 21 km from Ipatiev house and destroyed with fire and sulfuric acid. Many decades later, in late 2000, the Holy Synod blessed to create in place of the barbaric destruction of the bodies of the Romanov monastery in memory of them.

The Patriarch’s visit to the Ekaterinburg diocese to mark the centenary of the martyrdom of the Royal family, will be held from 13 to 17 July, the official website of the Russian Orthodox Church.

On Friday, upon arrival in Ekaterinburg, the Primate will visit the Church on blood in honor of All saints resplendent in the Russian land.

On Saturday, July 14, under the chairmanship of the Patriarch in Yekaterinburg will host a meeting of the Holy Synod, also dedicated to the tragic anniversary.

On Sunday, Patriarch Kirill will perform the rite of the great consecration of the temple Theodore icon of the Theotokos at the monastery of new Martyrs and Confessors of the Russian Church in Alapaevsk and will lead a Liturgy in the newly consecrated Church.

Also on this day, the Patriarch will make lity from Alapayevsk mine, will be visited in Alapayevsk the monastery of Saint Martyr Grand Duchess Elizaveta Feodorovna, where he will perform the rite of consecration of the small Elizabeth temple, and the Holy Trinity parish Church.

In the night from 16 to 17 July, Patriarch Kirill will conduct the Liturgy in the square before the Church on the Blood, then lead the procession to Ganina Yama. On arrival there will be moleben to the Holy Royal passion-bearers.