Rat solves power outage in the Australian ballet


A hungry rat was blamed for a power outage during a ballet in Australia.

Dancers and audience were plunged into darkness, during the second half of the Ballet a sleeping beauty-a performance of the Australian.

About 2,000 patrons had to be evacuated by torchlight, which was not from the theatre in Adelaide after the realization of failure on an artistic effect.

State energy authorities later confirmed rodent damage as the cause.

“[Teams] found a rat, crept had in one of our over 11,000-volt devices and blown a fuse,” a spokeswoman for South Australia’s electricity network said.

The power outage affected the city, the whole of the riverside arts precinct, and held another dance performance at the Adelaide Festival Centre.

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Dancers performed first of all with the power, before they were stopped by the administration.

She received a standing ovation from an audience lit by the glow of the cell phones, the Adelaide Advertiser newspaper reported.

The theatre programming director Liz Hawkins said the Australian Broadcasting Corp, the incident was unprecedented, but patrons had reacted with good grace.

The ballet will not be rescheduled, but the audience is refund either a return or other form of compensation.

The rat is presumed to not have made it.