Half of the young people want electric cars


Half of the young people in the uk would like to have an electric car – compared with just a quarter of their parents, a study suggests.

The research comes from motoring group the AA, which says that the myths about electric vehicles are putting out a lot of drivers.

This is important, because the cleaning of air pollution and the fight against climate change, depend on mass acceptance of electric vehicles (EVs).

Young people seem to be more willing to accept the technology than older people.

But too many still have unnecessary fears, the AA says.

It comes as the government has announced a target of 50% of all vehicle sales to be in the ultra-low emissions of the category to the year 2030.

The views were revealed in an AA/Populus survey of 10,293 drivers.What the public thinks
85% of the people in general in the survey said that there is not enough public charging points for EVs.
76% said that EVs can’t go far enough on a single charge.
76% think that EVs are too expensive.
67% think EVs take too long to load.
67% think that there is not enough choice of models
What you think AA

There are 16,000 charging points in 5,800 locations and 340 points added monthly. Most drivers charge their car at home.

The range is improving all the time. Several models 250-mile-plus range. 95% of car journeys are less than 25 miles.

The costs are coming down. Grants of up to £4,500 are available, and EVs are much cheaper – at 2p per mile.

The quick chargers that could charge an EV to about 80% in about 30 minutes we’re on the road – ideal for “service stations”.

There are 38 cars eligible for the plug-in grant of a Renault Zoe to Jaguar I-RHYTHM and more on the horizon, such as the Tesla Model 3.

The AA’s president Edmund King said: “The range of speed of loading and the point loading of the infrastructure are on the rise. You will need a more concerted effort by all of us to sell the benefits of electric vehicles.

“The drivers will also have to change your driving habits of the majority of the load of their electric vehicles overnight (in the house), and then to their destinations.

“Ultimately exceptional, affordable, stylish EVs with a decent range they sell themselves. A great saving can now be done on the running and service costs, as well as the tax benefits.”

“The younger generation, in particular, are ready to embrace the electric revolution.”

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