Cambridge Analytica staff set up new firm


Former staff at scandal-hit Cambridge Analytica (CA) have formed another company analysis.

Auspex International will be “ethically based” and offer “boutique geopolitical consulting services,” according to its web site.

CA was arrested by the parent company, SCL Elections, who faces criminal charges for the failure to provide data, when requested.

Auspex will work in the Middle East and Africa initially.

The company was founded by Ahmed Al-Khatib, former director of Emerdata, which was also created in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal to continue the work that he was doing.
The fight against extremism

In a press release announcing the new company, says CA collapse was a “bitter disappointment” for him.

“I believe strongly in the positive impact of ethically-based, data-driven communication, in particular in the developing world, where modern communication technology can considerably improve the life of the common people,” he says.

And Auspex will be involved in health campaigns and “to confront the spread of extremist ideology, which has poisoned my generation, preying on the minds of the poor young people”.

“Of course with the experience of CA, we are aware of the issues surrounding the use of data and have adopted all the necessary measures to be fully compliant from the first day,” the press release.

Mark Turnbull, the former leader of the CA division policy, has been appointed chief executive officer.

He appeared alongside the former CA chief executive officer Alessandro Nix in an undercover film from Channel 4, where Mr. Nix gave examples of how his company could discredit political opponents by encounters with prostitutes.

Mr Turnbull said of the new venture: “We believe that consulting companies like ours have a responsibility to act and be seen to operate with integrity, however challenging the circumstances.”

Companies House lists two directors of Auspex, none of which are mentioned in the press release, Alastair Harris, who seems to have worked in CA, and Omar Al-Khatib, who is listed as a citizen of the Seychelles.