The city Council has made a decision that warned of the collapse of the Moscow metro

The city Council adopted the decision “On measures aimed at ensuring the KP “Kiev underground“ uninterrupted transport service to residents and guests of the capital“. We are talking about solving the debt issue metro under the contract of 100 cars on lease, according to the Kyiv city state administration.

In particular, the document does not provide for payment of the debt of the company “Ukrroslizing“, and will allow the head of KP “Kiev underground“ to begin negotiations on the options and possible restructuring.

“This decision due to the fact that the Metropolitan is in a critical situation with the arrest of its accounts by the Executive service of the Ministry of justice of Ukraine under a lease agreement than a hundred subway cars,“ – said in the KSCA.

Recall that the conclusion of the contract with the company “Ukrroslizing“ was agreed by the members of the city Council in 2009. The payment of the guaranteed budgetary funds occurred prior to 2013. With 2014 budget funds for repayment of payments on the contract were reported. In the past two years, the Metropolitan together with lawyers of the Kyiv city Council and Kyiv city state administration did everything possible for termination of the bonded contract. Held more than 100 meetings of courts of all instances.

The mayor has repeatedly appealed to the government, the Parliament and the President of Ukraine with the question about the company’s inclusion in the sanctions list by the Council of national security and defense. A separate appeal was also taken and sent from the Kiev city Council. However, the adopted court decisions not in favor of the company and not in favor of the Kiev community. They provide for the payment of the company’s 833 million.From March 16, 2017 in metro blocked account by the court. More than a year the company is doing everything to spite the problem to ensure the stable and safe transportation of passengers, as well as the payment of salaries to the staff.

However, since the end of June, the Executive service of the Ministry of justice of Ukraine seized on the work of banks, which provided for the closure of metro stations and could cause traffic jams in the city. Was blocked from the calculation of staff wages.