In Kiev, another extreme fell from the roof of the trolleybus: they called an ambulance

In Kiev, Lev Tolstoy square guy climbed onto the roof of the night bus and went down from there. I called an ambulance. Status of a young person is not known, reports Informant.

The incident occurred early morning on Tuesday, July 10. Night trolley bus followed the route 93Н. At the bus stop Ploshcha Lva Tolstoho, around 05:00, one of the young men who were walking down the street with a company trying to show off. He climbed onto the roof of the bus and walked up to the front edge. At this point, the driver went forward, and the on-roof guy did not expect such a maneuver and fell down. The driver also said that he heard a banging and thought someone therefore asks the trolley to move.

Into place there arrived physicians, previously in the 22-year-old victim the trauma of hands and heads. Required if hospitalization is unknown. Also visited the patrol police officers. Details of the incident are being investigated.

We will remind, in Kiev shaper on the roof of the train received a 50% body burn from the explosion.