The US government requested more time for the reunion of separated families of illegal immigrants

The U.S. government appealed to the court with a request to provide additional time for the family reunification of illegal immigrants who are separated after the arrest on the border with Mexico in accordance with the policy of “zero tolerance”.

At the court hearing on Friday 6 July, the authorities reported that 19 parents were deported from the United States without their children. Lawyer at the Ministry of justice tried to prove to the judges that rendered the earlier court decision to reunite separated families until July 26 does not apply to the parents deported from the United States.

The court did not support this position and ruled that the judgment applies to the deported parents.

During the hearing Friday, the judge has not provided the US authorities deferral for the implementation of the regulations, however, required to provide to the court a list of children, which, according to the representatives of the government, it is impossible to return to parents in time, and also specify the reasons why it is impossible to do. Data should be provided on Saturday. The court will resume hearing the case on Monday.

According to the Ministry of health and social services in detention centres run by the Department are over 11,800 children. These include and about 3 thousand children separated from their parents. The rest – minor children without adult supervision.

Nearly 100 children separated from parents, not older than 5 years.