The second life of Edouard Manet’s masterpiece in new York

NEW YORK- the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in new York held a rare rally, the opening in one of the rooms a kind of exhibition of one painting.

In the words of the critic, The Art Newspaper, Victoria Stapley-brown, a famous painting by Edouard Manet, “Woman in striped dress” after a long restoration, starred in a thick layer of dull varnish, “sang”.

As explained by the correspondent of Russian service “voice of America” experts of the Museum, “sang” the opened eye of the viewer the original strokes made by the brush of the great master of French painting of the 19th century. And what is especially noticeable in colours taffeta dresses model added a rich, deep blue color.

The restoration project was led by Lena Stringari (Lena Stringari), Deputy Director and chief curator of the Guggenheim Museum. Her team consisted of Vivien Greene, Julie Barten, Gillian McMillan, Jeffrey Warda, Tracy Bashkoff and other curators, curators and Museum experts.