John Lansing has condemned the attack on Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

John Lansing, Executive Director of the American Board of governors on issues of broadcasting (BBG), has condemned the decision of the Moscow court to impose a fine on Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

We will remind, the court found that the Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty broke the notorious law on “foreign agents”. Russia has made RFE/RL and “Voice of America” in the list of foreign agents in December 2017.

In a statement, John Lansing, in particular, reads: “the International media is protected by U.S. law guaranteeing editorial independence. (…) Because of this, neither RFE/RL, nor anyone working for them, is not an agent of the government of the United States. Obviously, the law (“on foreign agents”) – a political attack on the influential Institute of USA and attempt to discredit accurate and reliable news, every day we are offered by the Russian audience.”

Lansing added that the law on “foreign agents” “puts journalists at risk.”