Two unexpected Ukrainian player was in the top 500 world ranking

Two Ukrainian footballer included in the list of 500 most important players in the world 2018, according to the famous publication World Soccer.

The rating was timed to the start of the world Cup, so first and foremost it was a football teams that will participate in the world Championship.

There were other criteria each world Championships was taken at least 5, and for the European Championships 10 players; also was considered young talents who received rave reviews for its game this season; players who will be key figures in the transfer market this summer and other less important criteria.

If you take the countries, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, France, Italy and Spain represented in the ranking with more than 20 players, while Ukraine – only two. At the same time, none of the foreign players of the championship of Ukraine in the rankings.

With regard to the club’s mission, the highest ranking players of Bayern Munich (18), real (16), Manchester city (15) Barcelona (14) and Juventus (13). Ukrainian foreign players in the rankings, and of our clubs in the list presented on one player the Dynamo and Shakhtar.

So who are these two, who were ranked as the most important players in the world? This Dynamo Viktor Tsygankov and “miner” Bogdan Butko. Particularly surprising presence in the ranking of the second, while none of the Brazilians of Shakhtar did not get into it.

Thus journalists of the edition specify that the list is not illustrative, but rather to generate discussion, because any rating is inevitably subjective.

You can also look at the rating on the newspaper’s website.