AP: the Number of arrests at the U.S. border in June fell sharply

McAllen, TEXAS – the Number of arrests made patrols on the U.S. border declined sharply in June and reached the lowest level since February, said the representative of the American authorities. Prior to this, the number of arrests increased four months in a row.

Maybe the decline reflects seasonal trends, but it is possible that it also shows the deterrent effect of the policy of “zero tolerance” pursued by President Donald trump, and which involves the prosecution of any adult person who cross the border illegally.

In June, at the border with Mexico was arrested 34057 people, which is 16 percent less than 40344 arrests in may, said the official, speaking on condition of anonymity because the figures were not intended for publication in open access.

The June data is preliminary and subject to change.

Compared to June 2017, when there were 16077 man, this figure has more than doubled, but its sharp decline compared with the spring months can cut the ground from under the administration’s statements trump that interpreterpath the situation on the border as a crisis.

Customs and border protection, which includes border patrol, declined to comment on these figures, saying that not discussing them before the official publication “for the sake of consistency and accuracy of the information.”

In early may, the administration announced that it would seek the trial of each case of illegal border crossing, including adults arriving with their children. Separation of more than 2 thousand children with their parents, has caused international outrage, and June 20, trump changed its position, issuing a decree on termination of the separation of families.

The head of Customs and border protection Kevin Macalino ordered that the agents temporarily stopped to transfer detainees to the Ministry of justice for prosecution, if we are talking about parents with children. Exceptions are cases when the detainees have criminal background or child welfare is in doubt. Macalino made this decision “after several hours” after the Directive, trump on the termination of the separation of families.

He told reporters last week that in June, there was a tendency of decrease in number of arrests at the border, but stated that he would not give specific figures prior to their publication in early July.

“I believe that the focus on the implementation of the law on the border influenced the number of crossings,” said Macalino.

Weather can also be an important factor. The scorching sun and heat in large parts of the territories of California, Arizona, new Mexico and Texas, could lead to a lethal outcome, may reduce people’s desire to hit the road.

The number of arrests in June compared to may has always come down in 2013-2016, but last year saw an increase. In 2014 and 2015, a decline of less than 10 percent, but in 2013 and 2016, the figure was close to 20 percent.

The number of arrests, which you can roughly judge the number of illegal border crossings increased for the greater part of last year, after a sharp decline in the first months of the administration of the trump.

Statistics do not reflect the activity at the legal crossing points across the border. Border patrols are guarding the borders between them, but not in the points.