The problematic talent of murdered rap star XXXTentacion

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The life of US rapper XXXTentacion, who was shot and killed outside a motorcycle dealership on a Monday, it was so disheartening and confusing as the music was compelling.

Born Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy in south Florida, I had issues in the parenting that was often marked by violence.

His mother was a teenager when he was born and flitted in and out of your life. He was raised by his grandmother, family friends, and caregivers of children – and once said that they used violence to force her mother to pay attention.

“I used to hit the children in the school to get her to talk to me, yell at me,” he said.

Despite that, he was fiercely protective of his relationship, once claiming that when he was six years of age, ‘[the] flesh” of a man that put his hands on her.

Later he was expelled from high school for fighting, but they soon channeled his energy and anger in the music.
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The 20-year-old became the most popular artist in the genre known as SoundCloud Rap, which is defined by his languid, hazy beats and a wide range of influences – which includes everything from the hardcore, hip-hop to grunge and indie.

From the beginning XXXTentacion songs were visceral and abrupt. His breakout single Look at Me! it sounded like it was being played through a mash of speaker phone – but he was also capable of disarming fragility and tenderness.

On their debut album, 17, spoke with sensitivity about the depression and mental anguish, to a large extent the abandonment of hip-hop beats to acoustic guitars and smudged, sullen melodies.

Rapper Kendrick Lamar was one of the many high-profile supporters, tweeting “listening to this album, if you feel anything. raw thoughts” – and the record peaked at number two in the us charts.

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Its growing popularity was signaled by the music industry and, by October 2017, he had scored a distribution deal is reportedly worth $6 million (£4.5 m) between his own record label, Caroline Records, who also represents Van Morrison and Chrissie Hynde.

But the teenager’s career was already being overshadowed by his legal problems, including charges of aggravated assault. of a pregnant woman, domestic violence by strangulation and, later, the handling of witnesses.

Onfroy laughed off the allegations in a profanity-filled rant on social media, calling the charges “fabricated” and pledging to donate $ 100,000 to the domestic violence-prevention programs (it is not clear if the payment never materialized).

It also continued the court of the controversy, the release of a provocative music video earlier this year that, to make a point about racism, he put a rope around the neck of a young white boy. He later gave an interview in which he argued against feminism.

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The Fans were apparently not influenced by or attracted to the star of the tribulations; the submission of your last album ? for the number one in the united states. The album also produced their only uk hit, a desolate anguish song called SAD.

The star manager reflects that Onfroy’s volatile life was what made their music so compelling. “He is only a young boy who was lost and needed a chance at life,” Solomon Sobande told Billboard magazine last year.

“So many things about him touched my heart. I just get to the point like, ‘I have to help this kid.'”

However, many find that it is impossible to separate his music from his actions; and Spotify briefly in the black list Onfroy songs of his service at the beginning of this year.

His death in an apparent by unit of shot will be, without a doubt, rekindle the interest in the star of the short race.

New listeners will hear your pain and all-too-familiar of the price of neglect and deprivation, but must also have time for the question of why the violence is so frequently used to signify the credibility in the music.