“Stealing the silverware”. Trump coat is ridiculed in social networks

MOSCOW, 10 APR — RIA Novosti. The US President Donald trump has become the object of ridicule in social networks — Twitter users noticed that in one of the photos coat American leader looks like he’s below him trying to hide something.

The Network began to share the assumptions that the subject is hidden under clothing.

“In fact, the President is three people,” joked @LevineJonathan.

The president is actually three people pic.twitter.com/mzwo1VJu3d
— Jon Levine (@LevineJonathan) 9 APR 2018

“Let’s be honest, trump hides under his coat a small country,” suggested @Moonsea63.

“The camera footage shows trump guy taking out the pots, pans and silverware under a coat of the White house,” wrote TDPattillo.

Surveillance camera catches Trump removing pots, pans and silverware from the WH under his coat. pic.twitter.com/tAf4soZ6p8
— TDPattillo (@TDPattillo) 9 APR 2018

“Guys, maybe trump is actually constantly carries with him under his coat three cranky kids-racists”, — imagining @OhNoSheTwitnt.

Ridiculous appearance and strange behavior of the American leader has repeatedly attracted the attention of users of social networks. In November last year, social networking ridiculed trump for a clumsy manner to drink water. He also repeatedly mocked for tweets with errors — once, congratulating wife Melania happy birthday, he posted on Twitter a photo of the American flag with 39 stars instead of 50.