At the airport of Kiev delayed flights, hundreds of people can’t fly

Sunday, July 1, hundreds of people are unable to leave the airport of Kiev. The situation is tense.

It is reported in Facebook.

The representative of the airline interacted with the passengers and the delay was explained by lack of cash tranche from tour operators. The company said that they have nothing to fill planes.

“At the airport they Sikorsky Kiev (Zhulhany) again huge delays, airlines – do not fly. According to the airline representative, they have not received tranche from tour operators and they just can’t fill the plane. In turn, the tour operator says that everything is paid for, and the problem is the carrier. People four years saving up 250$ for a ticket for 7 days (all inclusive), and then have to hang around the airport and spend valuable vacation time. All very angry, the atmosphere is tense“ the message reads.

As reported on 30 April, after several days of waiting, the Ukrainian tourists were able to leave the airport of Sharm El Sheikh and fly home.