A third of the room was gone: Violin told how he lost viewers because of Russophobia

MOSCOW, may 11 — RIA Novosti. Ukrainian rock group “Vopli Vidoplyasova” has lost a third of the audience at the concert in the Hague because of the Russophobic statements of the soloist of the band Oleh Skrypka. The musician has told on air of “112”.

He admitted that during his speech acted too emotionally and “blurted out” the phrase, insulted part of the audience.

“It’s nice here in Holland, in Europe, in the Hague, to speak, where it will be soon, the trial of Russia”, — said the Violin.

After that, according to the musician, a third of visitors left the concert. However, the actor apologized for his behavior, but reassured himself with the fact that among the departed were only Russians.

The violin had previously allowed themselves to provocative statements, including nationalistic. So, the musician has proposed the creation of a ghetto for those who can not learn Ukrainian because they have a low IQ.
Oleh Skrypka. Archive photo