The best player of Ukraine and Ordets awarded the winners of children’s tournament from miner

For two days the top eight teams competed for medals of the season 2017/18. 20 may Happy took decisive matches and became known to all the winners.

Dramatic finale

For the victory in the younger age group U10 fought Donbass (Donetsk) and Square (Lviv). As in the previous game day, a duel of these rivals was the most intense and emotional. The regulation time ended without goals and in the penalty shootout the luck was with the Donetsk – 5:4. Donbass – the champion season of the project “Let’s play!”.

Maksim Maksimenko, coach of Donbass:

– Inexpressible emotions! We trained, prepared and really wanted to win. Glad I did. The final tournament is always interesting and challenging, with strong opponents. Special thanks for the organization, which, as always, was at the highest level. And this applies not only to domestic issues and matches. All these days we felt the attention from the coaches and players of Shakhtar Academy: they came to us, talked, helped the children with tips by example. It was very nice. Well your team would like to congratulate on the victory! They have big well done!

Silver medals were won by the Square, bronze – Black Star Junior (Kramatorsk), being stronger Laurus (Kurakhovo) in the match for third place – 3:2. The best goalkeeper was recognized as Egor Demchenko (Donbass), and the player of the tournament became Ruslan Vysochanskii (Square, Lviv).


In the older age group U12 nobody left any chances of the Miners from Dobropole. After three wins in the group stage they won and finals in Kramatorsk Emerald – 5:1.

Alexander Talenti, the coach of the Miners:

– Happy that we were subjected to such an achievement and will bring in Dobropillya gold medals of the tournament “Let’s play!”. We dreamed about it, worked hard and still managed to win. For guys this is an extraordinary event for mentors. A huge number of people wishing to participate in the project before, and now, I’m sure they will be even more.

In the match for third place Breakthrough (Severodonetsk) walked the debutant of the final tournament Wave (Mariupol) – 8:2. Individual prizes in the senior group went to Andrey Ostapenko from Breakthrough (best goalkeeper) and Valery the Stutterer from Emerald (best player of the tournament).

Andrey Ostapenko, the goalkeeper of a Breakthrough:

– “Let’s play!” it’s been almost two years and I really like it all. Football is sport number one: exciting, beautiful, and gambling. Second time coming to the final and happy that this year we won medals, and I was recognized as the best goalkeeper. It’s nice.

Awards from the hands of the Champions

In the awarding ceremony of the teams brought together the best football player of Ukraine Olga Ovdiychuk and player of Shakhtar’s Ivan Ordets. The children were pleased to receive medals and cups from the hands of famous athletes.

Olga Ovdiychuk, the best player of Ukraine:

– From the tournament only the best impressions. It’s a real holiday for children, which gives them emotions and unforgettable moments. It’s great that the project “Let’s play!” and is open for girls is very important for the development of women’s football in our country. Look, today they are not just played around with the boys, and anything not inferior to them: struggled to score goals. I wish all the participants inspiration, perseverance and desire to win!

Ivan Ordets, Shakhtar defender:

– Great atmosphere, only the most positive emotions from this event. Remember how at age nine he began to play football, and I know that this event is a real treat. Now is the time that many children no longer play sports, and Shakhtar are doing all that they played football, was healthy and strong. Saw a lot of talented guys – they have a great future. Most importantly, they listened to the coaches, worked hard and never stopped dreaming.

Individual awards organizers said the youngest participant of the tournament – nine-year-old Vitaly tabernacles (Laurus, Kurakhovo) and each of the five girls who participated in the final matches.

Daria letyagina, team captain Square:

– I’m nine years in the project “Let’s play!”, and I love it. At each training session we are taught different exercises, a lot of play. Football is a very useful sport. They need to be addressed seriously to be healthy and to win. It was nice to get the award of the best football players of Ukraine. I hope when I grow up, I’ll be a good player.

Following the tournament, a few guys were invited into the Academy of miner from the trainers and breeders that will give them extra motivation.

The final tournament is completed, but FC Shakhtar continues its work on the development of grassroots youth football. Today, the project “Let’s play!” already covers eight cities, where 23 sites are more than 1 000 children. And this is only the beginning.

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