In Kiev taxi with a passenger flew into the barrier and overturned

Near the metro station Chernihiv in the accident hit a taxi driver carrying a passenger. It happened in the night of Saturday, about 00:30. reports Informant.

Skoda Fabia moved down the street Chornovil in the direction of the Avenue of Yuri Gagarin. The driver “did not notice“ the bump and crashed into the barrier. From blow the car turned over on its left side.

According to preliminary data, it was the taxi driver. In the salon there were passengers. He received significant injuries. And when I got out of the car, told police that drew attention to the excessive fatigue of the driver.

The driver of the Skoda, a closed fracture of the leg. He’s been hospitalized. I worked at a place the investigation team.

Yesterday in Kiev on the North bridge facing the truck and taxi with passengers. From hitting the cab Volkswagen split the entire front of the car.

According to the taxi driver, the driver of the truck started to readjust and slow down without putting on your Blinker. Before he could react, the driver of the car crashed into a trailer. He also was driving with passengers, nobody has suffered.

We will remind, in may in Kiev in the accident killed the passenger of the taxi.