“They are not good guys. We call them what they are: murderers’

In Port Lincoln, the 34-year-old South Australian tradie and his wife, Melissa, to build your dream home to raise her young family.

Sure, they lived in a shed and it was getting longer and longer and costs more than you had hoped, but for the community of Port Lincoln, nothing seemed wrong.

To 4. January 2016, when the Little one grabbed his boy Koda, 4, and Hunter, of the in nine months — in the family car, allegedly for a trip to the local McDonald’s.

At the drive-through, he ordered a Cup of coffee.

Then he went to Port Lincoln pier, shot by two of his sons, where they sat in the car, turned the gun on himself, and put the car at high speed from the pier and into the ocean.

He left behind to pick up a grieving woman, the pieces of a life without him and your beloved sons, and shocked community in search of answers.

What surprised you, Melissa, and his family spoke lovingly of him, and drove the respectable family man?

It is the wrong question, says Australian psychologist and author Helen McGrath.

The real question, she says, is the reason why the media and the community to work on men who kill their families, “good guys”?

“You should be seen for what they were — the fathers who murdered their own children,” she argues.

Flowers and children’s toys left on the quay, Damien killed a Little, and his sons, and himself. Picture: News Corp.

“There is no justification for what you, and others like them, have done. We call them what they are: murderers.”

The reality is, Dr McGrath argued, is: “Little children spent their last moments absolutely horrified … as one of the two people closest to you”, shot you, then a Port pier Lincoln to ‘finish’ off went, if you are not already dead”.

“How many men, he was praised as a love guy must have been ‘cracked,'” Dr. McGrath writes in a new book.

Head Behind the crimes, Dr. McGrath and journalist Cheryl Critchley, examined the cases of some of Australia’s most terrible killers in an attempt to find answers to the questions, the problems of the public and persecute those left behind.

In cases of filicide and familicide, as the Small, and New South Wales farmer Geoff Hunt, who shot in the year 2014, his wife and three children on the family property in the state, the Riverina district, the authors argue, “there is no justification for what they have done”.

“A lovely guy shoots his young daughter in the face as she cowers on a bed [Hunt] or, what is, in fact, Damien Little, to his sons, who thought they were just going on a trip to McDonald’s,” Dr. McGrath said news.com.au.

“You say he was a good father and a good father … he must already be mentally ill or just ripped.”

The book, she says it clearly: “the fact that the majority of fathers do kill their children aware of, and unaffected by psychosis or any other kind of mental illness.

“You are reasonable men chosen irrationally that, for whatever reason, your children … are better off dead.”

Damien: “There is no justification for what he has done,” says Dr Helen McGrath. Picture: Supplied

Little, how many of these Killer, Dr. McGrath says, would have asked for help. And has not.

“His family and friends all said that although Little had depressed the feeling of something he had refused to seek medical help or counselling, because it would him look weak,” the book.

“The young father was described as a popular, respected member of the local community, which should be remembered as such. Something must be thought in a terrible amount of pain, you to act as he did. But it is not so easy.

“You are a murderer. No one should pity them.”


Dr. McGrath says, when the sudden murders occur, some say they saw it coming.

“The community reacted with shock, describing it as totally out of character,” she says.

Little of the depression to fight as “he fought to his young family”.

“He and Melissa were living in a shed while they built writes your dream house with views of the water outside of the city,” Dr. McGrath.

“The project had taken several years, and there were some concerns, among other things, that Something is the relationship with Melissa was always tense.”

But the Little boy has to help a doctor or the advice, and kept his worries to himself.

To 4. January 2016, when he killed his sons, and he with them.

Koda Little, 4, and his brother, Hunter, Small, 9 months, and was told they were on a trip to McDonald’s. Picture: Supplied

“The Australians were shocked, as a film material, the Film of Little’s car was winched out of the sea,” the book notes, “not far from where he and Melissa, the buildings were in their new home”.

A monument summed up in the death-scene, flowers, Teddy bears, bottles Small favorite scotch”, a shocked community is trying to get a grip on the unimaginable tragedy inflicted by one’s own,” wrote the authors.

Woman Melissa voice beautifully in the Wake of the deaths, describes Damien as a wonderful husband and father, loved his children, and while in incredible pain, you still loved your husband and wanted him remembered as a respected and valued member of the family and community member.


Not to rationalize, Dr. McGrath, someone says says “itself,” of such murders, the people can help “can somehow fathom the unfathomable”, but not stop, future family murders happened.

“People say ‘he’s a good guy’. You say: “he was a loving father and a good father’ and you’re ‘hi — how many loving parents do?”, she says.

“They say the measures are out-of-character because the thought of one of the parents know to take times the life of a child is just too horrible to think.

“But this kind of reasoning makes you much too easy.

“The fact is, the most, the killing of their children, are reasonable men who have irrationally decided is that, for whatever reason, their children, and in some cases, their partners are better off dead or does not deserve.

“If you killed her, his devilish mass branded neighbor’s wife and children, you would be a murderer.

Reminder: A dedication on a bench in the backyard of Damien’s parents ‘ home. Picture: News Corp

“But for some reason, the ones who killed their own children have often explained their actions as an ‘act of love’. It implies that nothing can be done to these murders, because they are not predictable or preventable.

“But to kill no amount of pain or mild to moderate depression, excuses those closest to you.

“The perpetrators should be called what they are — murderers.

“These men faced difficult situations, but nothing, don’t have a lot to do other to with daily.

“You had options. Instead, she felt shame, she could not cope, was worse than life.

“These were not altruistic cases, they were the ultimate acts of selfishness.

“Unless the public perception of these killers change, feel others are, that when life is hard, you can also sentenced to this option, and praised, instead, as they should be.”How to talk about suicide,1:12

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