The 2018 world Cup dealt a blow to Western anti-Russian propaganda, said Kazan Metropolitan

Moscow. June 21. INTERFAX – Metropolitan of Kazan and Tatarstan Feofan noted that the world Cup in Russia has dealt a powerful blow to the anti-Russian propaganda in the West.

“As for the Western media, here is an active propaganda of anti-Russian character. (…) And then tens and hundreds of thousands of people through the media, the Internet, through the world championship join the acquaintance with Russia, and is already changing the attitude of our people. And many did see with his own eyes Russia and made real insights,” the Hierarch said in an interview with “Business Online”.

According to the remark of the Metropolitan, the whole world saw that “we are not cannibals, we are not barbarians, we are people with a high culture, rich history, hospitable and peaceful”.

Speaking about the game the Russian national team of Egypt, Metropolitan Feofan said that he is very sympathetic to the loser of the Egyptians.

“I worked for many years in the middle East, including in Egypt. I love Egyptians for their openness, simplicity, and I was very sorry for the guys when they lost. But I wanted our guys certainly won,” he said.

The Bishop admitted that watching football battles as time allows.

According to him, at the Kazan spiritual Seminary, he even arranged a tournament for the Cup of the Metropolitan and from time to time comes on to the pitch and hits the ball. He jokes the Bishop, not the physique to play football, this can be, and is on target misses.