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A new Comedy about a Syrian refugee in the UK illegally, in the trunk of a family home from the holiday, is the name for Channel 4.

Home, written by and W1A star Rufus Jones, tells the story of Sami, as he tries to in the UK.

He ends life with a new husband and wife Peter and Katy, and their son, John, after you surprised to find that their unexpected visitors, when you return from France.

Jones said the show was a “passion project” for him. ‘State of the nation’

He added: “If you are only going to invite a refugee into your home this year, make it this one. Actually, you make it real, then this.”

The Comedy was commissioned after a successful pilot project last year. Channel 4 said the show is a “warm, touching and surprisingly adept modern sitcom”.

Jones, who stars as an entertainment format producer David Wilkes on W1A, told BBC News: “I first thought of the idea in the middle of the refugee crisis in 2015, if we were getting these terrible images.

“But instead of doing about Syria, it’s about what a Syrian man finds, when he arrives here – and I wanted that from the point of view of a family. It is almost like a state of the nation piece.” “These people are us’

He said, in recent years, he has to wonder if the issue would be less relevant, but the “if anything, the situation is even worse”.

“With the Syrian refugee crisis, you need to keep in mind that these people added to us,” he said, that they lived normal, lower-middle-class life, before he escape from your home.

Channel 4

Jones added that he was pleased to say, with serious issues to confront, through Comedy, to: “I think, to do a Comedy as a tragedy. There are two different ways of approaching the same topic.

“On paper, it feels like a sensitive area but I have never felt more free to write something.”

Fiona McDermott, head of comedy at Channel 4, said: “the home has provided us with heart and conviction an important story about family, strangers, identity and the fragility of the ties that both bind us together and pull us apart tell. It is full of warmth, courage, and characters, we hope that the audience will really take to heart.”

Filming for the six part series starts in August.Father Ted-star-Mrs Doyle, all reminiscent of the unholy fun

Channel 4 has also announced the new series year of the rabbit, a Victorian-era detective comedy starring Matt Berry, Freddie Fox and Susan Wokoma. And there is a second series of Roisin Conaty will be announced in the sitcom GameFace, and the channel.

Berry said he was excited “to step back in time to fight the crime, which bought in the same momentous year, the us Van Gogh’s sun flowers, The Elephant Man and of course Jack The Ripper”.

McDermott added: “imagine The Sweeney” in Victorian England, and you are getting close to the heady misguided machismo that runs rampant in this series. “

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