Ed Sheeran sued for ‘copying’ Let’s Get It On


Ed Sheeran is being sued for $100m (£76.4 m) for allegedly parts of Marvin Gaye will have to copy Let’s ‘s Get It On.

It is the singer ripped off sections of the 1973 classic is supposed to be his number one hit Thinking out Loud.

Legal documents in the United States claims that it copies “of the melody, rhythms, harmonies, drums, bass, backing chorus, tempo, syncopation and loop”.

Ed already has a lawsuit to face about the same distance – and always the allegations are denied.

This new claim has been submitted, by a company called Structured Asset-sales -in possession of a part of the copyright of Gaye song.

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Gaye, co-author of the track next to US singer Edward Townsend – who died in the year 2003.

Structured Asset Sales, one-third of the copyright of the Songs purchased.

The heirs of Mr. Townsend sued Ed in 2016, to call for, Thinking out Loud-Let copies ‘ s Get It On.

It is unclear whether this case has been solved.

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Other defendants listed in the new statement from Sony/ATV Music Publishing, the Atlantic label, and Amy Padge -who co-wrote the song.

Last year, Ed put a $20 (£13.8 m) to take a Photograph of a copyright infringement lawsuit against him in the United States on his hit song.

Songwriter Thomas Leonard and Martin Harrington is suing the singer – claiming that his hit ballad had a similar structure in their Songs, Amazing.

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