Bucks Fizz star has cancer of the mouth


Bucks Fizz star Jay Aston has revealed that she has cancer of the mouth and fears that might stop talk and sing.

The singer is due to that part of his tongue removed, but is concerned she may need a more extensive surgery if more cancer is found.

“I think that if you take more of my tongue away from the possibilities of me singing, even talking, it’s going to be very slim,” she told the Daily Mirror.

The 57-year-old, he discovered that he had cancer of just less than two weeks ago.

His agent confirmed the news to the BBC.

“After that I said, I got on the train and bawled my eyes out. Everyone was looking at me. I called my husband, and then Cheryl [Baker, his fellow group],” she told The Daily Mirror.

“The idea of returning to the band now is to keep me going. To be on the stage with them is my happy place. What happens, does not matter when you are on stage.”

Jay has been doing concerts all over the united kingdom, with the original band mates Cheryl and Mike Nolan.

She said she had mimed on stage at a show last week, after a meeting with his surgeon.

“I went home, changed and went to the concert,” he said. “That is the world of the show. What put me in a good position is that in the 1980s was mimed for TV. Cheryl has been singing with me where I do things just to give it some welly.”

On the possibility of no longer being able to perform, Jay added: “Cheryl and Mike not getting a replacement, they say they are going to bring in two. I would like to continue without me.”

Jay will have to extract the skin from her thigh to reconstruct her tongue, and she, with the hope that she will not need more surgery.

She joked that she had had an interesting conversation with your consultant with regard to their famous skirt-tear of routine: “we talked about where to put the scar because I rip my skirt off, and they told me that they were going to try to make it higher so that it does not look so bad.”

Bucks Fizz became one of the most important uk pop, after winning the Eurovision song contest in the year 1981.

Their song, Making Your Mind, went to number one in nine countries, and was followed by hit singles, including My Camera Never Lies and Land of Make Believe.

Jay, Cheryl and Mike are now called The Fizz.

The other original member of the band, Bobby G, now uses the Bucks Fizz name – his wife registered as a trademark in the year 2001.

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