The Federation Council has told about the reason for the cancellation of the summit, the US and the DPRK

TOKYO, may 25 — RIA Novosti, Xenia Naka. The unpredictable political situation in the United States became a factor in the cancellation of the summit with the DPRK, and the decision of the President of Donald trump has its own logic, said the Deputy head of the international Affairs Committee of the Federation Council, the parliamentary coordinator of the Eurasian dialogue Andrey Klimov Russian journalists in Tokyo.

Trump on Thursday said in a letter to North Korean leader Kim Jong Ynu, he did not consider it expedient to hold a summit on June 12 in Singapore because of the recent “hostile” statements of the DPRK. The US President said that the summit would be cancelled, but emphasized that it would be ready to meet Kim Jong-UN in the future.

“Contrary to popular belief, the government of Pyongyang is very predictable. If the leader makes a decision, it will be automatically executed. Unlike the US, where there was a political incident, when branches block each other’s decisions. In addition, the States depend on the political situation: in November there will be elections to the lower house of Congress, the election to the Senate and re-election of governors. And to trump Republicans and Democrats is much more important foreign events, and all their actions, including in the international arena, they collate it,” said Klimov.

“Trump logic, it’s just peculiar. If the summit was held, the sensation would not exist. Initially, the positions of the parties were different. Pyongyang says we destroy the ground, because we designed the warheads and missiles, but we’re not going to increase, and from this level let’s discuss where to go. Trump says: destroy it all, we’ll check it out, and then think. And now he says he can’t see, though American diplomats are the position of Pyongyang was known,” — said Klimov.

During the visit, the member of “United Russia” Klimau was held in Tokyo meeting with the Chairman of the Committee on foreign Affairs and defense of the house of councilors, Shingo, Miyake discussed issues of Russian-Japanese relations and the international environment, the expansion of inter-parliamentary relations. Held contacts at the inter-party basis, the ruling coalition parties of Japan, first of all, with the liberal Democratic party of Japan. They discussed the questions of carrying out in October in Moscow a large gathering of Asian political parties inviting parties from Latin America and Africa, about 300 parties. Meetings were held with experts on the platform of the Analytical Committee of the Eurasian dialogue. Negotiations were held with the Council of friendly exchanges of Japan, in which they discussed issues of visa regime, as well as the Outlook for Tokyo in may 2019 one of the stages of the fourth Transcontinental festival marathon “From the Atlantic to the Pacific ocean.” Until now, the marathon did not include the countries of Asia.