New LCD Greenville Park is being built in the centre of stalininist companies

In the rapidly evolving market of real estate in Ukraine every developer comes to the conclusion that the current philosophy in development is just unfit for interaction with the modern buyer. Following modern trends, the development company nest and Grenville green technologies in close partnership focused on the needs and requirements of customers. Companies give potentialinvestment special: a project of Residential complex Greenvillepark became the first in Ukraine residential complex with a unique habitat for new tenants. Each of them harmonious and balanced will share time for work and personal life in the space of a single closed area.

New LCD Greenville Park in Kiev is located in the centre of the capital on the street Pimonenko, 21. Surrounded by historical monuments, it blends in harmoniously with the overall visual style. To all important infrastructure facilities can be reached on foot, and having your own car, the residents of Greenville can for a few minutes to get to any part of Kiev city centre.

A 10-minute walk away Svyato-Pokrovsky monastery, and headed down the slope, you will be able to go to the Old Kiev – Podol. Kindergartens can be found on both sides of the complex – up to Tomy and intercession is easily reachable in 15 and 5-7 minutes, respectively. In shops and catering establishments is also no shortage of nearby located уютныйWonderespressobar, the Flagship restaurant, shops WineHouse, clearing and Eldorado. Schools, shopping centers, metro station, parks, churches and cathedrals, gymnasiums and fitness centers, cafes and restaurants – all located in the immediate vicinity of the residential complex. And from the panoramic Windows of the tenants will enjoy a beautiful view of the old part of the city.

Sophisticated infrastructure and optimum ergonomics of inner space – the main competitive advantages on which to focus the sponsors Greenville Park. New Greenville Park is a modern and self-sufficient residential complex, which will translate into reality all the dreams of the people of Kiev on a comfortable and quality accommodation.

LCD Greenville Park built with the use of progressive approaches in the construction and planning of internal areas. The Concept Of Work.Life.Balance taken as a basis for developers is new to the Ukrainian market, and it will allow to realize a self-sufficient infrastructure of the complex.

LCD Greenville Park is divided into several functional areas. The business area located on the ground floor of the complex, will offer residents a large number of co-working spaces, as well as institutions in which to leave their children at the time of the working day. 2 kindergartens, exciting kids club, equipped with playgrounds, an elementary school child will be able to spend your free time not only in absolute safety, but with great benefit. Sports area will delight owners a special field transformed into a football, basketball and volleyball courts, spacious grounds for yoga classes, gym closed. A lounge area will allow everyone to enjoy a pleasant holiday alone, in a noisy company of friends or family circle. Separate sitting areas, picnic and barbecue area, a beautiful bar, a Jacuzzi residents can choose whatever their heart desires and more!

Trends of the modern real estate market is such that in the coming years, every Builder will be forced to resort to extremely high-quality solutions when implementing their projects. This will contribute to the following factors:A growing number of buyers who prefer to buy expensive housing business and premium class;Non-price competitive advantages of the complexes are beginning to play an increasingly important role;Availability of its own infrastructure, it becomes for the buyer one of the key selection criteria.

Residential complex Greenville Park is a project in Kieves the best characteristics that can offer modern construction techniques. Built of clinker brick and glass, this object will be the progressive embodiment of the architectural style. The main advantages of the complex are:Comfort. Housing business class with a comfortable layout is what you’ll get every owner in the complex. Functional and ergonomic are all flat, small and most spacious;Convenience. Convenient internal division of the territory into several zones will provide the residents of Greenville Park the opportunity to work, relax, exercise and develop, without leaving the site boundaries;Environmentally friendly. The materials used for the construction of buildings and land that meet the highest European environmental standards;Location. The object is located in the center of Kiev, which saves tenants from having to stand in mile-long traffic jams on the way from home to work and back;Security. The territory is guarded around the clock, and a closed access infrastructure excludes to the town by outsiders.


Ilya Velichko, commercial Director of the complex of the Greenville Park, the company nest

– Combining a new complex with LCD Pokrovsky Posad, expanding infrastructure, blagoustroyu interior space and using a progressive facade technology, we have managed to create a unique image for LCD Greenville Park, making it more attractive to potential investors. Access to all infrastructure opportunities have already completed of the complex received by each investor who made a choice in favor of a new project. Dozens of commercial establishments, entertainment, sporting and educational nature will not leave place for boredom.It is worth noticing that unique to Kiev, the concept of Work.Life.Balance, which we took as a basis for the design, turns the complex into a single mechanism, allowing for a harmonious life. These opportunities will allow residents to fully disclose their personal, business, sporting and creative potential. In harmony with oneself, family, friends, work and the outside world.We declare with confidence that LCD Greenville Park in Kiev is a perfect place to stay for the modern urban dweller, accustomed to use their time as efficiently as possible.Developers guarantee the fulfillment of all commitments on the timing of the project. Delivery of the first residential buildings will be held in autumn next year. Today is built on the 13th floor. To buy apartment in the complex can be either full advance payment or by installment program – when you purchase future investors can spread payments for up to 30 months with the first installment of 25%.More details to familiarize with conditions of purchase of housing on the official website of the complex