In Kiev on cars twice fallen tree emergency

In Solomenskiy district of Kiev on a parked Skoda Octavia fell a tree emergency.

The rumpled owner of the car claims that this is not the first time, reports the Informant.

“In may the branch from that same tree has already damaged the car. I parked near the garages. Was going to get out of the car, but hesitated on the phone, this time on the roof of the car branch fell down,“ said the owner.

Then, Skoda has suffered greatly. Man just a few days ago took it out of the repair and the situation is again repeated. The main blow fell on the roof of a nearby garage. In place immediately called rescuers and representatives of Kievzelenstroy. Also, to lift a car with broken branches, had to call the crane. According to preliminary estimates, new car repair can cost the owner $ 300.

The owner says that now intends to sue the representatives of the KP, as the fallen tree has long been an emergency and the tenants repeatedly report it to the relevant service.

It is worth noting that at the same address, just across the road fell another tree that blocked the sidewalk.

Recall, June 22, near Kiev on Novoilinskoe track at Nissan fell the tree. Earlier, in Kiev near the Verkhovna Rada on the street Grushevskogo large tree fell onto the roadway and damaged several cars.