She’s back. Iron Chancellor Tymoshenko “will show the world where to go”

Nura N. Berg

Yulia Tymoshenko in the last presidential rankings is beating Petro Poroshenko — if not devastating, but sure advantage. Phoenix Ukrainian politics again comes to the forefront, and there are few who remembers the pitiful wailing of the old woman, which in February 2014 brought in a wheelchair to the stage of the Maidan. Julia then wrung his hands and wailed hysterically, trying to catch up on gleaning publicity during the revolution of a gidnost. A substantial part of the events, the patient the clinic held in the Kharkiv hospital, exhausted from the deadly threat of hernias of the spine, and then was triumphantly liberated by the delegation of the revolutionaries, headed by Yatsenyuk, as if in ecstasy, shouting a name with drive.

However, Maidana stiff-necked the audience then Tymoshenko scornfully booed, and experts have concluded — the end of, say, Julia’s political career, such a shame for her never to recover. A significant part of its court of scientists and associates of joint pulled to a competitor…

Bad experts know Ukrainian voters reassessing his memory.

In Ukraine nothing is final. Draws the reputation of not dying permanently, and at any moment a despised outsider is once again a leader and hope of the nation, forgive him all the bad and once again believe in miracles. The electorate is ready to forget the many frauds and scams Tymoshenko, her cynicism and lies, the impoverished, the orphan and the terminally ill prisoner — and now again get along Yulia in the Savior of the Fatherland.

…Tymoshenko after the liberation from your comfortable dungeon soon fell out with Arseniy Yatsenyuk, he no longer cries out her name. Poroshenko did not hide the dislike for the main rival. Faction “Batkivshchyna” in the Parliament for quite a long time behaved unobtrusive and sluggish. As it turned out, the leader hoarded power and prepared the bomb, which blew up in mid-June, with great fanfare after the forum, entitled “New course of Ukraine”.

Polytechnologies the name is chosen very well: the Ukrainians like everything new, although seeing the headliners of the event, some sighed sadly — at the arena all the same, including once again otrinuvshego with naphthalene itself, the first President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk in the role of the elders of the nation. Flexible scientists, who joined the defectors from other camps, tamasauskiene in corruption scandals companions and accomplices — today they are again at the forefront of being re-Nenko announced. The experts forgot their funeral marches over the deaths of political perspectives Tymoshenko and looking up to the birthday girl. Test the waters the representatives of the popular front and even the bloc of Petro Poroshenko — political animals the spinal cord smell trends.

…A two-hour speech Tymoshenko on the forum looks like its new Manifesto, which, given the ambitions and the rating of Yulia Tymoshenko, it is interesting to perform.

So, what he wants for the country Valkyrie, which is now unfashionable to call the gas Princess, and a woman with a scythe, the more carefully tuningova Tymoshenko has changed her hairstyle, marking this radical change their fate? Two hours standing on high heels without any signs of fatigue, Julia expressed, as is fashionable to say in Ukraine a vision of the future, similar to the project of the City of the Sun.

“Vision” meanwhile, produces a strange impression. Punctuated with quotes from thinkers of the past and the future, it is a strange mixture of imaginations of technologists Tymoshenko, the populist ideas, dreams, foolishness, traps, references to other people’s experience, ridiculous promises to shake the whole world and to make Ukraine a leader of the international democracy.

Tymoshenko in the preamble depicts that near future, when Ukraine abruptly from the present bottom explode up through the formation of new democratic institutions. Of course, in the bosom of the Euro-Atlantic civilization, in which we strive to strictly and uncompromisingly. And no Kremlin.

Followed by a dramatic description of the actual situation, which can be briefly described as follows: the loss of controllability and the transfer of the country to outside operators, our “independence” and a cynical dealers. Mass emigration, brain drain and the gap from the civilized world, which “prints of the city on a 3D printer, as we build new stores of chocolates”.
Race for survival

The owner of the candy shops Tymoshenko from beats, coming directly from the ACE of trumps. She announces a new course and, without false modesty itself Ukrainian Roosevelt. She promises: “we will show the world where to go. This is our Ukrainian mission. China invented gunpowder, UK — the locomotive, and we, Ukrainians, will develop new rules for the world mired in hatred, wars, injustice.”

For the implementation of “megaplan” Tymoshenko proposes four platforms. Most importantly, he says, to restore peace. The Donbass, with the signature crossing of the voices says Tymoshenko — our territory inhabited by the patriots of Ukraine, and we’ll get her back at any cost — in spite of all, who destroys the unity of our country. Blue eye says, but not all are suffering from multiple sclerosis. Many remember improvisation Yulia Tymoshenko, for example, about the travels neoukrainskoy Donbass barbed wire…

Other platform — economic, envisioning the future the miracle of synergy (that word is repeated several tens of times) the best local bankers and economists, that somehow any victorious plan is not written, but is now going to write. The most interesting platform that, with regard to the development and a new social contract and a new Constitution. Writing a new Constitution — a favorite pastime of Ukrainian politicians. Once they write one draft, he immediately declared obsolete and requires immediate replacement with a new one that, Haile likly, will also be called outdated before the ink dries. Discussions always boil down to the same — a parliamentary Republic or a presidential one. This time Tymoshenko promotes the idea of “parliamentary Republic Chancery.” The audience in the hall applauded — nothing that has no idea how to deal with the Chancellor.

Meanwhile, Tymoshenko gets to the point. We organize all-Ukrainian Association on various issues. They will have the right of legislative initiative and can veto stupid bills of Parliament. That, however, can not care about a veto, and the law has to take, but the society will be given a “clear signal” that the law is wrong and harmful.

The Association, which will, according to the report, to do tireless work and games in the veto, will delegate their representatives to the National Assembly. But the main role in it (and two thirds of the seats) is invited to give the spiritual leaders of the nation. Of desirable candidates Tymoshenko called only the already dead, the living also was not named, though Kravchuk was clearly astonished. This moment could be the most interesting of the entire report, but did not. After all, the spiritual leaders of the nation today are almost exclusively Russophobes and clear the Nazis from the Right sector, veterans of the punitive operation in the Donbass, bloggers like Babchenko, frostbite completely on the topic of hatred to the Northern neighbor pismennikami and other “Mitzi”, numerous heirs of Bandera, etc., etc the Reluctance of Tymoshenko to specify a list of authorities is quite understandable, but necessary.

It is these giants of morality is proposed to transfer wide powers of appointment of senior executives. They will be the force of “morals, honor and conscience” that will replace the corrupt MPs and officials. However, neither the deputies nor bureaucrats are not going anywhere. It is possible to predict the most severe pieces about the zones of influence — but how well and cheerfully sawed the budget to the accompaniment of the noisy squabble of those who, in fact, nothing depends on…

Julia well done, I found a case. The controlling will, in turn, themselves controlled, MPs and leaders of the nation begin to tear each other forelocks, dividing powers, and in the meantime the very future kantslerin will do what she does best — schemes. In between, you can act with pathetic reports that Tymoshenko is a great mistress. To tear a passion to tatters, to denounce, to conjure and to quote Aeschylus paraphrased Kennedy.

And in order to bring the case to its logical absurdity and to paralyze the Parliament and other assemblies with associations, Tymoshenko proposes to introduce direct democracy in the wild populist version. Every citizen — legislative initiative! Each idle dreamer, virulent, paranoid can write a petition, and if it was supported by 500 other citizens, the parliamentary Assembly obliged to consider it. Curious citizens can now view the work of the petitioners…

But, anyway, Tymoshenko is back in the public eye. The audience is eating popcorn and gleefully awaiting a response Poroshenko calls Tymoshenko.

Yulin to surpass populism will not be easy, but in the list of candidates there are still singers and comedians.
The leader of the faction “Batkivshchyna” Yulia Tymoshenko at a meeting of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in Kiev