“Joke’ll be at home”: Poroshenko did not appreciate the humor of the official

MOSCOW, may 18 — RIA Novosti. The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has sharply reined in the head of the road service in Dnipropetrovsk oblast Vladislav, zhivotchenko, joked about the funds for construction. The content of awkward dialogue, told the local edition of the Depo.Dnepr.

The President asked, zhivotchenko, how much his Department will take money what the head of Avtodor tried to laugh it off.

“And who knows how many,” said he.

Poroshenko did not like the answer, then, Jivotchenko tried to apologize for the bad statement.

“Jokes will be at home, you President asked how much money is required. I’m not sorry”, — said Poroshenko in his attempt to justify himself.

Previously, he derided the presence of the head of Ukraine at the opening of the medical item in the sparsely populated village of Boden’ky. Users found mastab of Poroshenko’s ridiculous.