Ukraine was career-oriented festivalpass release

“The problem is that today’s young people in the labour market are both objective and subjective, but a lot depends on the perspective of a young man, his readiness to choice of profession, realistic in their intentions, determination and desire to grow. That is why career guidance festival ПРОФFEST – 2018 is a milestone event for the youth of city of Kiev”, – said Bilic.

According to him, the festival was organized and conducted by the Kyiv city employment center with the support of the social partners, employers, educational institutions, public organizations.

During the festival, students visited companies, “immersed in the profession” during the virtual tour to the Kyivvodocanal, recognize innovative technologies Corporation Roshen participated in master classes at the fairs of professions have demonstrated their knowledge in career-oriented, brain-rings , try on firefighter equipment rescue at fire brigade No. 25. Each of the two hundred career guidance activities was the “highlight” of the festival and held at the new level of information and communication technologies.

ПРОФFEST – 2018 was made possible because at the end of last year by the resolution of Board of Fund of obligatory state social insurance of Ukraine against unemployment from 07.09.2017 No. 145 Program was approved by the state employment service on professional orientation for 2017-2020. Kyiv city employment center joined this program and started professional work with young people of a fundamentally new format, aimed at minimizing the challenges of employment facing the future in front of pupils and students, ” said Bilic.

According to him, vocational activities organized and carried out by consultants capital employment service in January-June 2018, have become for young people around the world with the knowledge and skills of the latest technologies in the production process, the current needs of employers, professions of the future. And if in the first half of last year with the help of the employment center of Kiev received career guidance services 21 000 young people of Kiev, 2018, this figure has reached nearly 41,000 people.