The media learned about the possible opening of a U.S. Embassy in the DPRK

TOKYO, April 12 — RIA Novosti. The US administration is discussing the possibility of opening an Embassy in Pyongyang in the case of specific steps North Korea on its denuclearization, reported, citing unnamed sources, the South Korean newspaper “tone of Ilbo”.

On April 27, the planned inter-Korean summit between DPRK leader Kim Jong-UN and South Korean President mun Jae Another, after which in may it is expected to meet Kim Jong-UN with Donald trump.

“The administration of Donald trump in the United States has begun to develop a plan in case North Korea will go to specific denuclearization steps,” writes in this regard, in the online version of the “tone of Ilbo”.

According to her, if the talks North Korea and the United States at the highest level goes well, Washington is first and foremost a partial “normalization of relations”.

“The trump in preparation for negotiations with North Korea discussed measures such as the opening of the coordination offices in Washington and Pyongyang, the provision of humanitarian aid to North Korea, the establishment of embassies between the two countries”, — says the publication. However, she notes, citing sources, due to the current economic sanctions, U.S. aid to North Korea excluded.

A month ago the same newspaper wrote that Kim Jong-UN expressed “a strong desire” to sign a peace Treaty with the United States and to establish diplomatic relations between the two countries.

A proposal for concluding a peace Treaty with the U.S. the North Korean government brought forward a long time, ever since the grandfather of Kim Jong UN, first President Kim Il sung. In Washington so far refused to even discuss such a possibility, because the United States bound by allied obligations with the Republic of Korea under the laws of which North Korea is a not even a state, and prohibited “anti-state organization”.

When US President bill Clinton, the Americans have been negotiating with North Korea on establishing diplomatic relations shortly after the conclusion in 1994 of the first transaction on the termination of the North Korean nuclear program.

Then consider the possibility of opening the United States Embassy in Pyongyang in the building of former Embassy of the GDR, which was located later the diplomatic mission of Sweden, which represents U.S. interests in North Korea. However, after the change of power in America and the emergence of the government of George Bush, those plans were thwarted.
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