Starts an art marathon #Modelsyears release

Wednesday, June 27 at 12:00 in the stroller next to the National Museum of history of Ukraine (Vladimir, 2) a presentation of the art marathon #Magiccamera. Meets Lida Taran. The festival will have a large art wall is 12 m long and 2.5 m in height. On it everyone will be able to portray their dream to see the whole universe! Help 10 illustrators. These drawings then become part of the wonderful color of the Beam, which is woven from 100 thousand wishes, and New year’s eve, to fly to the stars! Because we believe that the visualization of dreams, their realization is the path to implementation! Pictures of dreams come alive in real life.

The project “Fulfill a dream” in cooperation with Ukrainian marketing group conducted a unique study “the dream Of Ukrainian children.” The results shocked us: only 10% of young patients dream of without restriction and without barriers, 90% have practical you want, mostly material. Among healthy children the numbers: 5% and 95% respectively. In this case, fortunately, 63% of all children believe in miracles.

Whatever materialistic adult world, still the future begins with dreams without borders and the stars! And children’s dreams create our future. All inventors – is dreamers. The dream heals.

“I remember as a child when we told his dream to adults or friends, shared something intimate, we are often told offensive expression: “Oh, dreaming! “And then scoffed. And it so happened that among us and our children was very few dreamers who can dream without limits, without conventions, you can see his greater purpose in life and go for it! But the planet opens arms to those who dare to dream, ” shared Lydia Taran, curator of the project “Fulfill a dream”.

Together we will inspire children to dream, especially those who are fighting for their lives, to see new horizons, not to give up, to fill my days with colors and joy.

Most children are fond of the creativity, so their imagination can enable it through drawing. Therefore, we have combined creativity and dreams, and created art marathon #Magiccamera. Was incredible illustrators Anna Lomakina Olga Kuzmuk, Alain Samofalova, Catherine Ovsienko, Anzhelika Dmitrenko Tatiana Sinyavskaya, Hope Bukin, Alexander wild, Ivan Orlov, Yulia Sulim. Our mission is to collect 100 000 drawings and to draw the attention of 100,000 wizards that can help to give the joy of fulfillment of dreams to children. Fall will begin a tour of the art therapy in 7 cities of Ukraine – in hospitals and schools. Joining us in camp Artek, which can transmit up to the end of the summer, about 13,000 drawings. We are open to all. Draw your dream on social media and put a hashtag #Magiccamera.

The wall will be open daily from 11:00 to 19:00 – until June 30. The event will be run Open MIC. In the program: entertainment, music, cotton candy, marshmallow, ice cream, lemonade.