About to start a complaint about London license

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A London court will, today, later, if Uber is “fit and proper” to have a operator license in the capital.

The taxi-app company, whose case was last at Westminster Magistrates’ Court in a hearing expected to be several days.

In September last year, Transport for London refused to renew that license for reasons of public safety and security.

Uber said that it is made because significant changes, such as the improvement of procedures for the reporting of criminal acts.

Various media quoted a memo supposedly Uber sent to Transport for London, in which he said that as many as 1,148 London-licensed Uber driver had been accused of “category A” offences, such as sexual incidents, stalking and dangerous driving.

The court will take into account the changes that Uber and decide whether to keep it fit, a operators license.
Uber to limit the working hours of the driver
About crimes directly to the police

The original reasons for refusal have already been document in a 21-page.

Uber can continue operating in London, while waiting to appeal.New Direction

“I know we have things the wrong way, and we have more work to do. But I promise London, we keep listening and improving, as Uber moves forward in a new direction,” Uber’s UK general manager, Tom Elvidge, said in may.

Justin Bowden, national Secretary of trade Union GMB, the union for taxi drivers, said: “Uber has lost his license in London, because it refused to play by London’s, and in particular the crucial Problem of the safety of the passengers, and it does not get it back until it is not accepted that” on the way, or no way of setting the safety and the drivers will prevail.”

He added: “on the license will not be returned, by suit, but by true repentance and real change that can only come from the discussion with Transport for London as the licensing authority and driver representatives, such as GMB.”


BBC technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones, says that Uber is now looking for a 18-month license rather than the five-year license it was originally.

“It is a kind of pull yourself on probation,” he said. “There were a lot of talks between the two sides, so the question will be whether the court thinks you’ve done enough.”

Our technology correspondent says, it was “change of mood” in the case of Uber, under its new chief Dara Khosrowshahi. In the recital, not to worry that the company,” their feet stepped on it,” said Khosrowshahi has tried to “paint the picture of a kinder, gentler Uber,”.

According to the company, 3.6 million passengers regularly use your app in London and it has to 45,000 drivers in the city.

Since a license to operate in London, Uber has a number of changes implemented is denied.

Uber now reports of crimes directly to the police previously had criminal charges with Transport for London, which led to delays registered.

Drivers are now only permitted to use the app, the in the region, they hold a private hire license.
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The working hours of your drivers are also regulated very strictly. Licensed driver, the on your app a continuous six-hour break after 10 hours of travel with a passenger or traveling to a pick-up.

Drivers who do not take a sufficiently long break is not going to be able to log in to the app and make excursions.

In addition, the company revised its guidance. Three independent non-executives to its board have been appointed in the UK.

Uber had also difficulties in permits in Brighton, York and Sheffield.

In another case in the year 2016, About a lost dispute over the status of the corresponding driver.

A London employment tribunal ruled that the drivers were employees and not as independent.

It meant that the driver is entitled to holiday pay, paid breaks and the national minimum wage.