The Spanish League defending Tel ‘espionage’

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Spanish League La Liga, the privacy policy of your app after it has been defended to admit it, was the access to the microphone and GPS of the Android users.

He said it had tried to corresponds to the track event places, illegal broadcasting, and matching audio-data and mobile phone location.

The app is downloaded more than 10 million times in Google Play Store, has been criticised by the fans.

La League said it wanted to “protect clubs and their fans against fraud”.

The transmission of football matches in public places without a paid license, the game cost an estimated 150 million euros (£132m; $177m) a year, it said.

The new function was activated, will take place on Friday, 8. June.

In a statement on its website (in Spanish), La Liga, said that he had asked for the consent to the point where the app is installed or updated.

He added that it was the microphone data, only as code, but as an audio, and it could fit that code with the audio data of a game.

The app was made with a number of negative reviews, as the news spread in the social media.

Some have accused La Liga with their phones in order to spy on.

Leave a review on the Google Play Store, you accused the app of the user turns in to the police informant, to achieve without them.

“Spying on you through a microphone!”, a other wrote.