DUM of Tatarstan dealing with the situation on the release for the 2018 world Cup of the pork chops with the label “Halal”

Kazan. June 21. INTERFAX – the Spiritual administration of Muslims of Tatarstan has launched an internal investigation on one of the enterprises of the Republic, issued the chops with the label “Tatar trio’s Halal”.

The Chairman of the Committee on standard “Halal” DUM of Tatarstan Marat Nizamov told “Interfax” that there is a technical error.

“At the stage of release of the label was a technical error, and labels of “Halal” went to the shop nehalennia products. The company jumped the gun, releasing products to the world Cup. No malice was not in this”, – said M. nizams.

He stressed that the entire chop this batch is removed from the market. “We are now working on this issue. Before we never had issues to this enterprise. Halal products they are good and popular,” – concluded M. nizams.

The official review of the enterprise for this reason the Agency is unable to obtain.