World Cup football can bring together Nations and countries, said the mufti Tajuddin

Ufa. June 15. INTERFAX – the head of the Central spiritual administration of Muslims of Russia Talgat Tadzhuddin expresses the hope that the beginning of the world championship on football will be a positive example of cooperation between the countries and strengthen the friendship of peoples.

“We sincerely hope that it is the grandest event in sports life of our planet will serve the strengthening of friendship and brotherhood of peoples and civilizations, will become a good example of mutual understanding and cooperation between the countries. (I hope that States if) only at sporting events will find out the relationship, this will compete, not confrontation, wars and the arms race,” said T. Tajuddin on Friday in a sermon on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr in the mosque Lala Tulpan in Ufa.

He stressed that Russia “adequately prepared” for the championship. However, the spiritual leader of the Muslim noted with regret that “even in these days of celebration we cannot forget about what is happening in the world of the terrible tragedies, disasters and confrontations, especially about what is happening in the middle East – Syria and Palestine”.

“They cloud our lives with pain and grief, anxiety and compassion echo in our hearts. We pray Vsevyshnego of the Creator for the restoration of peace, understanding and stability in those troubled regions, where our country has made a worthy contribution to strengthening peace, (gives – if) rebuffed the treacherous forces of international terrorism,” he said.

The Grand mufti urged Muslims to charity, disinterested help to the needy. He recalled that obligatory for every wealthy Muslim, apart from observing the fasting month of Ramadan, is the donation of the property in favor of the poor.