The Syrian incident

The U.S. Supreme court decides the fate of a person with dual citizenship who was detained in Syria and in Iraq

In an American court, the fate of the detainee in Syria men, having a dual citizenship – the USA and Saudi Arabia.

He was captured in October in Syria, the Syrian democratic forces (SDF), supported by the United States: in the SDF felt that he was a militant ISIL. The man explained that he went to Syria to collect information on the situation of refugees, but was captured by ISIS and forced to cooperate with terrorists. After that he tried to flee to Turkey and got to the opposition. They gave him the us military man is now in Iraq.

The man’s name has not been disclosed. U.S. legal support it has well-known human rights organization “American civil liberties Union” (ACLU).

First, the U.S. military decided to transfer him to Saudi Arabia, but this was opposed by the man himself, and the lawyers have successfully blocked the decision in court. After this, the military decided to return the man to Syria, providing it with a supply of money and food. But against this was also made by lawyers, who indicated that the return of “in the area of active hostilities” capable of causing harm to their client.

“The government has actually admitted that he had no reason to continue to detain our client and that he is not a threat,” said the lawyer, Jonathan Heifetz. And added that “it is a shame to treat American citizen.”

The judge postponed the hearing at the end of June, asked for more evidence that Syria threatens the lives and health of men.