The “big seven” is preparing for a difficult summit

The white house said that trump will stand his ground, despite the criticism of allies

WASHINGTON – U.S. President Donald trump “will firmly hold the line” at the forthcoming summit “the Big seven”, despite criticism of its trade policies on the part of the allies.

This was stated by one of the key economic advisers of the President.

“The President feels calm about all these complex issues, – said the Director of the National economic Council Larry Kudlow.

According to the Advisor, between the United States and other countries “Big seven” “there is always some friction about something.”

These statements in the briefing room at the White house was made shortly after the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau, host of the summit “seven” in Charlevoix, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel has suggested that discussions at the summit on Friday and Saturday will be difficult.

Senior researcher at the Peterson Institute for international Economics Jacob Funk Kirkegaard believes that “it is, in fact, the formula “big six plus one””.

In his speech, Kudlow rejected claims that the United States was involved in a trade war with its strategic partners and China. According to him, the country is taking the necessary measures to protect American workers and industry.

In an interview with reporters in Brussels on Wednesday, US defence Secretary Jim Mattis said it’s too early to call the controversy about the duties of a trade war. According to the head of the Pentagon, the US put forward the reasonable requirements of “fair and bilateral” trade with its partners.

Mattis said that economic disputes with allies will not affect their relations in the field of defence and security.

At a briefing at the White house, Kudlow set the stage for discussions at the summit “the Big seven” in Quebec, declaring: “the world trading system came mess. She collapsed”.

“But don’t blame trump, he added. – Blame the country that deviated from these conditions.”

Answering the question of “voice of America”, will the administration to implement the decisions of the WTO complaints against the United States in connection with the recent decision of trump on the introduction of fees, Kudlow said, “We believe that the national interest above all else. International multilateral organizations will not determine American policy.”

Speaking in the Bundestag on Wednesday, Merkel warned that countries “the seven” “should not blur” the decisions of the summit concerning the group’s obligations in respect of fair multilateral trade and rejection of protectionism.

“There should be no compromise for the sake of compromise,” said German Chancellor. If an acceptable agreement is achieved, “Chairman’s summary”, prepared by the canadian side, “will probably be a more honest way, because it makes no sense to draw on paper the differences,” she said.