Jerusalem mayor plans to name a square in honor of trump

MOSCOW, may 8 — RIA Novosti. Jerusalem mayor NIR Barkat decided to call the area near the future U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem in honor of the American President Donald trump, said in a statement city hall.

Earlier it was reported that Barkat has established the first road sign with the words “U.S. Embassy” for a week before moving diplomatic mission from tel Aviv.

“President trump has decided to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish people, to stand on the side of truth and do the right thing. Name the area in honor of the President (tramp — ed.) is our way to show our love and respect for the President and the American people, who always stands on the side of Israel” — presented in the statement of the mayor of the city.

According to the statement, a year ago, the Committee on names, chaired by the major Aalam Entebbe and the city Council, announced his intention to rename the area in front of the new U.S. Embassy at the intersection of David Flosser and Kfar Etzion.

According to the statement, the municipality is planning the Grand opening of the square with a new name over the next few months in the presence of representatives of the United States government after the Embassy will move to Jerusalem.

It is noted that the place is called “the Area of the United States in honor of President Donald trump”.

The American Embassy moved to Jerusalem, according to the decision of trump, who in December of last year recognized the city as Israel’s capital. Almost the entire rest of the world continues to consider the status of Jerusalem is one of the core problems of the middle East conflict which should be resolved on the basis of an agreement with the Palestinians, but until that happens, keep their embassies in tel Aviv.

The transfer of the American Embassy dated to may 14 — the day of the 70th anniversary of the founding of Israel. While it will be symbolic in nature with the change of sign on the building, and the placing there of the Ambassador and a small group of employees. Full relocation is expected to take more time and will require the development of all Americans owned land in Jerusalem.