In South Korea a passenger ferry hit a reef

TOKYO 25 Mar – RIA Novosti. A passenger ferry, on Board of which there are 192 people, hit a reef off the southwest coast of South Korea, to the scene to carry out rescue operation directed coast guard boats and several civil courts.

According to Yonhap news Agency, the ship hit a reef approximately 15.47 local time (09.47 GMT). According to the appraisal of staff of the coast guard, to the present time signs of flooding ferry in collision about the threat of tipping of the vessel is also not yet reported.

The footage of the video made by one of the passengers posted on the website of Yonhap news Agency, shows that most of the passengers in life jackets gathered on the deck of the ferry. Signs of panic among the people is not observed.

On Board the vessel at the time of the incident there were 187 passengers and five crew members. In the area of the collision of the ferry directed the coast guard cutter, and several civil vessels that were nearby.