In Kiev VAZ flew in the truck, the driver miraculously survived

In Kiev, Bratislavskaya street the car VAZ drove at speed into a parked truck.

From blow the car crammed in the truck trailer and almost tore him up, but the driver miraculously survived, reports Informant.

The accident happened at about 22:30 near the market of Youth. According to militiamen, the driver of VAZ went on to Bratislava in the direction of the metro station and Chernihiv, unable to adjust and hit a parked at the curb a truck Volvo.

The driver of VAZ said that when he went in the dark have not noticed standing truck because the headlights were off and there were no reflectors. When I decided to regroup, then it was too late.

Recall, June 1, In Kiev on the street Shcherbakovskaya,56, Isuzu truck knocked down a man and a woman. Earlier, on may 12, in Kiev at the Lobanovsky Avenue truck blew elektrooporu.