Trump accused the team of müller’s intervention in the midterm elections to Congress

The President reiterated criticism of the investigation by the “Russian case”

The President of the United States Donald trump is accusing a team of spectacular Robert Mueller meddling in the upcoming midterm elections.

Mueller is leading the investigation, which aims to establish whether Russia intervened in the presidential elections in 2016 and entered into collusion with his campaign trump. At this point in the investigation, was charged with four close trump, three of whom have pleaded guilty to perjury.

Trump repeatedly called the team of Muller, “thirteen angry Democrats”, although spectracolor a Republican. Mueller was appointed Deputy attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

On Tuesday, trump wrote on Twitter: “13 angry Democrats (plus the people who worked 8 years for Obama), who lead a witch hunt on Russian business, will interfere in the mid-term elections (Congress And), especially now that the Republicans (keep it!) lead in the polls. There was no conspiracy, except the Democrats”.