In the U.S. Congress have criticized the deal administration trump ZTE

According to media reports, Washington came to an agreement with the Chinese technology giant

U.S. lawmakers on Wednesday criticized the agreement, which reportedly reached the administration trump and Chinese Telecom giant ZTE, stranded since then, in April, the U.S. imposed against him sanctions in response to the sale of American technology to Iran and North Korea.

“If the reports of best deal for ZTE faithful, President trump put in the first place is China, not America, said Senate minority leader Democrat Chuck Schumer. – XI Jinping again outwitted the tramp”.

“China’s finally will win, – wrote in “Twitter” Republican Senator Marco Rubio. – A great deal for China.”

According to media reports, the company has agreed to pay US fines totaling more than $ 1 billion to make changes in the upper echelons of management and to guarantee that violations of the U.S. sanctions regime in the future will not happen again. In exchange, the company will continue to purchase the American components for its products.

The Commerce Department has not yet officially announced the agreement, which hinted last month trump, writing on Twitter that the almost complete cessation of work suffer from ZTE and Chinese workers and American technology companies.

Schumer, speaking in the Senate, said that ZTE deserved bankruptcy: “ZTE has repeatedly violated American sanctions, lied to American authorities about its efforts to correct the violation. The Federal communications Commission, FBI, and the Pentagon has acknowledged their technology is a threat to national security. According to some reports, the administration is trump ready to forgive ZTE in exchange for short-term and limited purchases of American goods by China. If so, that’s a terrible deal for America.”

The fate of the ZTE is just one of the many aspects of trade negotiations between Washington and Beijing. Trump has promised to improve conditions for export of American agricultural products and other goods.

“A huge trade barriers for American farmers and other entrepreneurs will finally be lifted. Will no longer a huge trade deficit”, – wrote President in his Twitter.

Many legislators, including Republicans, actively expressing dissatisfaction with trade policies trump in General and actions against ZTE in particular.

“China takes over the US – wrote in “Twitter” Rubio. – They are a manifestation of “honest attitude” to achieve the lifting of the ban for #ZTE was to replace one of the top managers person from another company, which was also subjected to sanctions, because it represents a threat to national security. As the Ministry of trade fell for that?”

Schumer urged immediately to pass a bill blocking the agreement with ZTE. The Republican majority leader in the Senate Mitch McConnell has not shown willingness to focus on this kind of voting.