Trump ordered to send the National guard to guard the border with Mexico

WASHINGTON, APR 5 — RIA Novosti. The President of the United States Donald trump issued a Memorandum to allow all to use the National guard to guard the border with Mexico, the White house said.

“The Minister of defense should support DHS in securing the southern border and making other necessary measures to stop the inflow into our country of lethal drugs, smuggling, gangsters and other criminals, and illegal immigrants. The Secretary of defense shall require the use of National guard troops to assist in the fulfillment of this mission”, — stated in the Memorandum.

Earlier, U.S. President Donald trump has instructed the ministries of defense and internal security to engage the National guard to guard the border, which caused a negative reaction in Mexico.

The national guard is one of the branches of the armed forces of the United States. He has a dual reporting: the Federal authorities and authorities of each particular state. If necessary, the National guard involved in the fight against natural disasters, at least to suppress major disturbances. Servicemen of the national guard can also be sent to the combat zone.

Preventing from entering the U.S. illegal immigrants from Mexico was one of the main election promises trump.