Less than 200 documents from the tens of thousands, seized from Michael Cohen, attorney-client privilege are

To such conclusion came from an independent judicial Commissioner after reviewing almost 300,000 documents

Only a small portion of the documents seized from the personal lawyer of President trump, Michael Cohen, during a search, falls within the prohibition of disclosure of secrecy of the client by his lawyer.

Former Federal judge Barbara Jones, the court-appointed independent judicial Commissioner, who studied the documents said that of the 291 770 documents found on two phones and an iPad. She agreed with the lawyers of Cohen, President of trump and The Trump Organization, which is only 148 extends attorney-client privilege.

Jones added that 639 printed documents that were found in eight boxes, such persons may be only 14.

The lawyers of Cohen, trump and The Trump Organization has not yet commented on the information. Also there is no reaction and the Prosecutor’s office, which investigates possible crimes, Michael Cohen, business.

Today’s report highlights only a small part of the materials confiscated during the searches in the home, office and hotel room Cohen in April. Todd Harrison, Cohen’s lawyer, said at the hearing last week that his firm has received about 3.7 million files.

Searches in the home and office of Michael Cohen have been under investigation about the Russian intervention in the election campaign of 2016. The lawyer for the President and Donald trump then repeatedly reminded that all discussions and correspondence between lawyer and client in accordance with the law are secret, and its details cannot be disclosed.

Attorneys Cohen and trump asked district judge Kimba wood to allow them to review the seized materials to determine which ones are a mystery. Wood was allowed to review the documents, but has appointed Barbara Jones to verify the statements of its advocates about the spread of the privilege of attorney-client.

At the hearing last week judge wood ruled that lawyers for Cohen and trump needs to finish a review of documents to 15 June. She added that if the work is not completed by that time, it will continue the special group of prosecutors that is not directly involved in the investigation, which initially added the prosecution.