“I’m the prime suspect, and it is s**t’

Steven Hainsworth has renewed its refusal to have anything to do with the killing of two grandmothers and a retired over a period of 13 years when he appeared on A current Affair on Monday night.

“I am not responsible for any murder or anything,” he said.

“I am not guilty. And I want the person responsible brought to justice … to get the monkey of my back.

“It is a great monkey. And it is killing me.”

Mr. Hainsworth said that he was the main suspect for three murders at the end of last month, South australia, the police declared that they had discovered fresh forensic evidence that the link between the three murders for the first time.

The murders of Beverley Hanley, Phyllis Harrison and Stephen Newton were related after the police received a fee of forensic evidence. Pic SAPOL

Phyllis Harrison, 71, was found dead with multiple stab wounds and her Elizabeth South home sacked in 1998, at the age of 64 years, Beverley Hanley has suffered serious head injuries and her purse was stolen from her Elizabeth North to the property in 2010.

A range of items including a TV, Dvd and computer games have been absent from Stephen Newtown Mount Gambier unit after he was found dead and covered in garbage in 2011.

The three deaths remain unsolved.

Mr. Hainsworth, the girl, Angel, told ACA his father had “ a very violent”.

“I say that it could be capable of murder because the violence that it has had in the past,” she said.

Steven Hainsworth, daughter, Angel. Source: Channel 9

But she believes that he is innocent of all three crimes, he said police have linked to him through new forensic evidence.

“I think it probably could be capable of murder, but not for the elderly or someone who is completely innocent, as members of the family,” she said.

Mr. Hainsworth told the ACA, the police were looking at the wrong man for the three murders.

“I’m the prime suspect, and it is sh*t,” he said.

Mr. Hainsworth said that it was “chance” that he knew two of the victims of murder, and lived within 10 minutes of all.

“I lived next door to one, the other guy that I didn’t know. One of them was my aunt, ” he said.

The Police has DNA associated with the murders, but Mr Hainsworth said that if it was his DNA “I would not be here today.”

He has delivered in South australia, the police to “come and stop me”.

The south Australia Police Bray said that the police would catch the person who murdered two grandmothers and an invalid pensioner: “the reality is that we need to build a strong case”.

Mr. Hainsworth, currently “couch surfing” with a friend in Mildura, confirmed that he had been on the wrong side of the law in the past — including the time in prison, but he said, “I’m not dangerous.”

He said among his priors were theft, assault, aggravated assault, drunken driving and possession of stolen property stolen property — crimes that have “unfortunately” seen in prison “five or six times, the most recent relay for 18 months.

Steven Hainsworth said that he is innocent and that he wants the monkey off of his back. Photo: Jason Edwards