Wolf Creek producer in Cannes assaulted

Mr Lightfoot told The advertiser last night he defended himself against two attackers, after he “smacked” on the back of the head while walking through an alley in the old town of Cannes on Wednesday.

“It was pretty nasty,” Mr Lightfoot, who was in the military.

“I was only defending myself. My old skills came and down she went.”

Mr Lightfoot was in France for the Cannes Film Festival, where he said his production of ultra film, was pitching three large projects.

“Cannes is one of the most beautiful looking, sun-drenched beach in France,” Mr Lightfoot said.

“I was 15 got it-and this is the only time I have trouble.”

David Lightfoot of Fitzroy and Lisa king of Norwood on the program-introduction of the Adelaide Film Festival

Mr Lightfoot said he was struck to find the back of the head, and turned to self-faced with two men.

He defended himself against the pair, driving them on the street before the police were called.

It is understood that Mr Lightfoot gave a statement to the police, although it is unclear whether the two men were arrested.

Mr Lightfoot said he was still recovering from the blow to the back of the head, which is to say, it would get a “few days” to get back to normal.

Mr Mr Lightfoot is an ex-paratrooper, who gained international notoriety through its involvement in films such as Babe and Wolf Creek.

He said that this year the Cannes Film Festival showed the film industry was in a state of change, media giants Netflix and Amazon with the traditional character of the famous festival.

Originally published as Wolf Creek producer in Cannes assaulted