The wearing of hiding the face of clothing alien to Kazakhs, but for Schoolgirls in headscarves the possibility of home schooling – head of Mineralogy

Astana. June 7. INTERFAX – the Minister of religious Affairs and civil society of Kazakhstan Darkhan Kaletayev at a meeting with the villagers of Aktobe region explained the reasons for the inclusion in legislation of provisions prohibiting the wearing of clothing that conceals the face.

“Closing face alien to Kazakh people. This was not in our history and culture. In society on this issue there is broad support of the population”, – said D. Kaletayev, visiting on Thursday the village of Kenkiyak and shubarshi in the Aktobe region.

The words of A. Kaletayev given in the message the press service of Mineralogy.

Expressing his attitude to the wearing of headscarves in school, the Minister said about the need to respect the school rules.

However, according to D. Kaletayev, along with these rules there are alternatives, one of them is home-schooling through distance technologies.

He said that this issue is being worked out with the Ministry of education and science, and work in this direction will be continued.

During his working trip to the region, the Minister also met with activists of the Temir district, theologians, imams and members of the regional Commission on the prevention of terrorism.

In Bestamak village at a meeting with imams of the Spiritual administration of Muslims of Kazakhstan D. Kaletayev noted that the amendments to the law on religious activities and religious associations dictated by time.

“It is impossible to conceal that certain groups are spreading false information that the bill “is contrary to the interests of religion.” This information is absolutely groundless,” – said D. Kaletayev.

In this regard, the Minister called on imams to give full support to the bill, to connect to the clarification of its priorities among the population.

Currently, the Parliament considered a draft law “On amendments and additions to some legislative acts on issues of religious activity and religious associations”. The document, in particular, prohibits the use and public display of attributes and external signs of destructive religious movements. Regulate the behaviour of public servants, in particular, restrictions: do not use their official position in the interests of religious associations, not force subordinate to religious activities, not to initiate or member of a religious Association.

In addition, the document proposes to consolidate regulatory to children and adolescents are not attracted to the rites and ceremonies without the consent of their parents or legal representatives.

The project also includes rules that allow you to receive religious education abroad only to those citizens who have received higher religious education in the country. With the exception of cases when the training is carried out under an international Treaty, or if a religious Association has no educational organizations in Kazakhstan.