In Kiev, Volkswagen broke about the post: three injured

In Kiev, the Volkswagen Passat crashed into a pole. The accident occurred in svyatoshynskyi district in the night of 7 June. It is reported

The incident occurred at about 03:30. The patrol said that the car was driving from the street Svyatoshinsky towards the railway station Svyatoshinskaya. The car did not fit into the turn, flew off the roadway, hit a road sign and smashed into a post. From the impact tore the Volkswagen.

Injured in a traffic accident three people were in the car – the driver and two passengers. The driver was hospitalized in serious condition, one of the passengers also had to take him to the hospital. The second passenger escaped with minor injuries, refused hospitalization.

The car literally broke: the wheel of the car beside her, shrapnel scattered in a radius of 20 meters. Previously known that all who were in the car, was drunk. There were police, emergency medical and investigative team.

We will remind, on June 5 in Kiev the citizen of Nigeria no rights staged accident, having rammed a police car. The police suspected that the foreigner is under the influence of drugs, as were all characteristic signs.