Ed Sheeran concert ticket warning


Ed Sheeran fans go to concerts in Newcastle, be warned, you will not be allowed, with tickets touted.

The organizer cancelled almost purchased 10,000 tickets nationwide and were sold online.

Fans, the used secondary market-sites for the shows in the St James’ Park are recommended to be examined, the tickets, the concert staff in advance.

Organisers Kilimanjaro Live said that it had made “very clear” that such tickets would not be accepted.

There was, however, not want fans to be disappointed, it said.

“Wait, you are not rejected, and must be in a queue to be sorted, come and see us, once you are in the vicinity of the stadium, and we will help,” a spokesman said.


The company said, would have his staff check the tickets, give advice on getting a refund and sell new, face value tickets.

Professional customer recruiters “often the huge profit of the face value of the tickets and exorbitant additional booking fees”, a spokesman for cocking said.

Fans come to the shows on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, booking confirmation, credit card used for the purchase, a matching photo ID and your ticket (e-ticket) in the case of cheques, the organizer said.

Only more sales via face-value resale Website, Twickets, would be valid.