The expert commented on the forecast of the Norwegian writer about the collapse of Russia

MOSCOW, April 29 — RIA Novosti. Norwegian writer Erik Fatland, predicted Russia’s collapse within 100 years, approached the issue one-sidedly. This opinion was expressed in an interview with RNS Professor, Department of public administration and national security of the diplomatic Academy of the MFA of Russia Ivan Surma.

As the expert noted, Fatland visited in Russia’s neighboring countries, which, with the exception of China, “are not in a very good position.” In his words, to understand the nature of the problem the writer is required to visit Russia and to see the changes since her last visit to our country.

A hundred years ago, when the revolution occurred in 1917, many also predicted the collapse of Russia, however, this has not happened, reminded Surma. “In these countries she was meeting with opposition groups. For objectivity you need to talk to groups differently perceive Russia. Of course, this is a wrong opinion, one-sided and rather politicized,” he concluded.

Erika Fatland, visiting 14 bordering Russia States, made a prediction about the future of the country for the next hundred years, based on their travel experiences.

The writer traveled for 259 days in order to describe Russia as “outside”. During his visit, Finland visited the country, which, in her opinion, “has been influenced by” the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union because of its geographical position. She came to the conclusion that it’s all in the Russians, who are prepared to “use every opportunity” to increase territory. In addition, Fatland sure that the country will face the same fate as the “other Empire”. In the end, the writer said that Russia “will expand until it collapses”.